Full Face of Buffalo Make-up

Full Face of Buffalo Make-up


Hopping on the “full-face of literally anything” trend, I was curious to see if I could create a full face of make-up made in Buffalo. It’s hard enough to find things that are made in the U.S. but I tried to find beauty products made right here in the Nickel City. Read on to find out what I was able to find!

  1. Pure & Fresh


My first item was from Pure & Fresh. I used their coconut oil ($24) as a moisturizer and worked great. This was made in Amherst, NY! This product is mainly for very dry skin and better used on your body than your face.

2. Bogavia


This brand is owned by the same people as Pure & Fresh (and tony walker)! I used their vanilla Perfecting Beauty Mist ($14), which is a body mist. It smells amazing but it is definitely a scented mist and not a perfume. It was made in Amherst, NY as well!

3. Buffalo Gal Organics

Foundation: Flawless Face Mineral Pressed Powder ($39), definitely a light coverage but it went on nicely! It smoothed your face enough to let the world see your face lol.* (*I go without makeup all the time but you know what I mean)

Mascara: N A T U R A L L A S H Mineral Mascara ($22), this was tied with the beauty mist for my favorite. The applicator was perfect and the formula was so smooth.

Eyeshadow: Astrology Eye Color in “Cancer” ($14), this product surprised me. It is a loose eyeshadow powder, so I assumed it would not stay on my lid and have way too much glitter. The eyeshadow stayed but I still prefer it with an eye primer (or concealer (pro tip)). The glitter was not overwhelming at all and it would look great topped on a matte shadow.

*4. Zandra

Sadly, I was over $100 and my bank account said no more. This is an AMAZING company run by a 17-year-old girl boss who is from Buffalo and whose company was worth almost $500,000 in 2017. Not only does this girl make that moneyyyy she gives back and has won so many awards. She sells face wash, lotion, chapstick, etc. CHECK IT OUT.


So, I spent all my money but I did it and in the process, I supported three local businesses, bought cruelty-free products, vegan products, and all natural organic products.

What should I try next? Let me know below.



Life After College (Dun Dun Dunnn)

Life After College (Dun Dun Dunnn)

I graduated a little over a month ago and I am now working full time in my field! However, not even a month ago I was ready to graduate with nothing lined up. This led me to face every, “what are you doing after graduation?” with an unimpressive “idk.” 

I was lucky enough to be in the position that I could live at home until I got a job and was ready to leave. But I was GRADUATING! I had four years of me being involved in every club on campus that related to my field, doing all my work and maintaining a high GPA, networking (ugh), completing three internships, and working part-time! I had done everything anyone had ever told me to do. I took everyone’s life/college advice to heart and tried to implement it in some way. I had worked so hard to get nowhere!? I don’t think so.

Personally, I went from being confused about why I wasn’t being asked for interviews to being furious. I started thinking, okay well, “why do I deserve this job more than anyone else?” 

My first thought was, well I’m passionate! I love my field! I love social media, I love cute slogans, I love branding, I love it all! As cheesy as this was, it didn’t work.

I started thinking harder and deeper. Well, how would I feel if I got an organization’s story in the news? I’d be proud. I would feel so awesome that I was able to show off people’s hard work, show off positive stories in the news! Stories for everyone. A feel-good story that makes people’s days.

That’s why I need to be doing what I love. 



(Like and comment if you want to know what happens next!)

Outfit Details:

Sandals: (Similar) mine are old

Dress: (Similar) $20!

From Fashionable to Fit: Athleisure

From Fashionable to Fit: Athleisure

As a dance teacher, full-time student, and occasional gym-goer, I have to be able to transition from my normal clothes to my workout gear. And suuuure you can just bring an extra pair of clothes, but that is just another handful of things to forget. I like to keep this quick-change as fool-proof as possible.

  1. It all starts with black leggings…


My favorite way to start an outfit is with a pair of black leggings. These Nike pants are one of my favorites. They are cheaper than Lululemon, are high quality, and are the perfect length considering I’m 5′ 2”. Personally, I like to stick to an all neutral color base. This makes it easier to be more creative with the rest of the outfit. Any plain colored workout shirt is fine Danskin is an affordable option. My heels are from Shoe Carnival, but they are old here is a similar pair of Anne Klein shoes.

2. The fun part…


The easiest way to dress out the barebones of the outfit is a sweater, purse, and sunglasses. My bag and glasses are from Tj Maxx, my favorite store of all time! Here is a three piece purse set for only $46! I do not believe in spending a fortune of purses that are going to get dirty and ruined. This belief also goes for sunglass (I can’t count how many I’ve scratched, broken, or lost). For sunglasses I think it’s worth the drive to the store to find out what looks best on you. Here is a great sweater to go with this outfit similar to mine.


Stay tuned for my next post with my next tip in athleisure fashion!



Combing my love of dance, photography, and marketing has been a blast. I have first-hand experience knowing how hard these students work and I translate that to social media. Below are some of my favorite pictures from the past few weeks. Stay tuned for a new dance video coming soon!

…And we can’t forget about the outtakes.


Taking a Bite Out of Buffalo: Shark Girl

Taking a Bite Out of Buffalo: Shark Girl


Standing with a cardboard Shark Girl.

The Shark Girl statue at Canalside has been very popular since it was installed in 2014. The statue is very unique and I was curious as to what the story was behind it. The Albright Knox is featuring a shark girl exhibit until Oct. 1 titled “Shark Girl: Never Quite There.” It was an amazing exhibit and I highly recommend it, here is why:

The Artist

The artist is Casey Riordan Millard. According to the museum’s website she created the Shark Girl character to emulate the “existential conundrums of life, love, family, and loss.” This is shown by her having a head of an animal that is thought to be scary and the body of a young girl which reflects innocence.  The artist also wrote and illustrated the children’s book, “Shark Girl and Belly Button”.

The Exhibit

The exhibit was quite small and was only in one hallway. Although it was small, There was a lot of detail but into the exhibit. There was even shark girl wallpaper on a few parts on the hallway. It was definitely worth seeing. I enjoyed that it was all sculpture work with the same theme. The gift shop also had Shark Girl memorabilia which was really fun to look at. 


10 Best Buffalo Coffee Shops

10 Best Buffalo Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are one of my favorite things and I have found the best ones in Buffalo. Read on to find out why they make my list!




This coffee shop is very large and spacious. The shop allows for a quiet area and a louder area by the counter. There are so many options for food and drinks. In addition there is a pretty large parking lot and outdoor seating! All these make this my go-to for a cafe in Buffalo.


Breadhive is unique in that they bake their own fresh pretzels. They allow you to add different toppings along with a pretzel or fresh bagel. This cafe is very small and gets crowded easily. Plan on going during the week to avoid a crowd!

Sweetness 7

This cafe is best for food. There are a lot of different options for breakfast and lunch food. There is a lot of seating but due to its popularity, it gets crowded quickly. Also no outdoor eating area or parking.

Public Espresso

Public was originally located in the Hotel Lafayette’s lobby where the mailboxes were located. Recently, the cafe took over a larger portion of the hotel. Their menu is mainly beverages, but they also sell Breadhive bagels.

Five Points Bakery

This place is uniquely located and little tricky to find. On the plus side, this cafe offers a 10% discount if you walk or ride your bike! Their toast and fresh jam is a must-have pair.


Askers is mainly known for their healthy juices, but they have quite the breakfast menu. They have fresh breakfast starting at $4.00. A great place to get a healthy and affordable breakfast!


The cutest cafe south of Buffalo. The storefront is easily located by finding the large coffee cup with “steam” coming from the cup. My favorite thing about this large cafe is their s’mores platter. This is where you are given all your s’more making material and an electric flame to roast them!



Tipico is by far the most aesthetically pleasing cafe in Buffalo. The large windows that fully open in the summer and the minimalistic feel of the furniture make this cafe feel like you’ve walked into a different town.

Daily Planet

The cafe has a large selection of teas, almond milk lattes, and dairy free fresh baked cookies! There are lots of very small tables, but it’s not idea for camping out to get work done.

Spot Coffee

Ah. The classic Spot Coffee. This is the best place to bring all your belongings and get your work done. There are a lot of tables and great breakfast and lunch options, so you can stay all day!