Full Face of Buffalo Make-up


Hopping on the “full-face of literally anything” trend, I was curious to see if I could create a full face of make-up made in Buffalo. It’s hard enough to find things that are made in the U.S. but I tried to find beauty products made right here in the Nickel City. Read on to find out what I was able to find!

  1. Pure & Fresh


My first item was from Pure & Fresh. I used their coconut oil ($24) as a moisturizer and worked great. This was made in Amherst, NY! This product is mainly for very dry skin and better used on your body than your face.

2. Bogavia


This brand is owned by the same people as Pure & Fresh (and tony walker)! I used their vanilla Perfecting Beauty Mist ($14), which is a body mist. It smells amazing but it is definitely a scented mist and not a perfume. It was made in Amherst, NY as well!

3. Buffalo Gal Organics

Foundation: Flawless Face Mineral Pressed Powder ($39), definitely a light coverage but it went on nicely! It smoothed your face enough to let the world see your face lol.* (*I go without makeup all the time but you know what I mean)

Mascara: N A T U R A L L A S H Mineral Mascara ($22), this was tied with the beauty mist for my favorite. The applicator was perfect and the formula was so smooth.

Eyeshadow: Astrology Eye Color in “Cancer” ($14), this product surprised me. It is a loose eyeshadow powder, so I assumed it would not stay on my lid and have way too much glitter. The eyeshadow stayed but I still prefer it with an eye primer (or concealer (pro tip)). The glitter was not overwhelming at all and it would look great topped on a matte shadow.

*4. Zandra

Sadly, I was over $100 and my bank account said no more. This is an AMAZING company run by a 17-year-old girl boss who is from Buffalo and whose company was worth almost $500,000 in 2017. Not only does this girl make that moneyyyy she gives back and has won so many awards. She sells face wash, lotion, chapstick, etc. CHECK IT OUT.


So, I spent all my money but I did it and in the process, I supported three local businesses, bought cruelty-free products, vegan products, and all natural organic products.

What should I try next? Let me know below.



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