From Fashionable to Fit: Athleisure

As a dance teacher, full-time student, and occasional gym-goer, I have to be able to transition from my normal clothes to my workout gear. And suuuure you can just bring an extra pair of clothes, but that is just another handful of things to forget. I like to keep this quick-change as fool-proof as possible.

  1. It all starts with black leggings…


My favorite way to start an outfit is with a pair of black leggings. These Nike pants are one of my favorites. They are cheaper than Lululemon, are high quality, and are the perfect length considering I’m 5′ 2”. Personally, I like to stick to an all neutral color base. This makes it easier to be more creative with the rest of the outfit. Any plain colored workout shirt is fine Danskin is an affordable option. My heels are from Shoe Carnival, but they are old here is a similar pair of Anne Klein shoes.

2. The fun part…


The easiest way to dress out the barebones of the outfit is a sweater, purse, and sunglasses. My bag and glasses are from Tj Maxx, my favorite store of all time! Here is a three piece purse set for only $46! I do not believe in spending a fortune of purses that are going to get dirty and ruined. This belief also goes for sunglass (I can’t count how many I’ve scratched, broken, or lost). For sunglasses I think it’s worth the drive to the store to find out what looks best on you. Here is a great sweater to go with this outfit similar to mine.


Stay tuned for my next post with my next tip in athleisure fashion!


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