Full Face of Buffalo Make-up

Full Face of Buffalo Make-up


Hopping on the “full-face of literally anything” trend, I was curious to see if I could create a full face of make-up made in Buffalo. It’s hard enough to find things that are made in the U.S. but I tried to find beauty products made right here in the Nickel City. Read on to find out what I was able to find!

  1. Pure & Fresh


My first item was from Pure & Fresh. I used their coconut oil ($24) as a moisturizer and worked great. This was made in Amherst, NY! This product is mainly for very dry skin and better used on your body than your face.

2. Bogavia


This brand is owned by the same people as Pure & Fresh (and tony walker)! I used their vanilla Perfecting Beauty Mist ($14), which is a body mist. It smells amazing but it is definitely a scented mist and not a perfume. It was made in Amherst, NY as well!

3. Buffalo Gal Organics

Foundation: Flawless Face Mineral Pressed Powder ($39), definitely a light coverage but it went on nicely! It smoothed your face enough to let the world see your face lol.* (*I go without makeup all the time but you know what I mean)

Mascara: N A T U R A L L A S H Mineral Mascara ($22), this was tied with the beauty mist for my favorite. The applicator was perfect and the formula was so smooth.

Eyeshadow: Astrology Eye Color in “Cancer” ($14), this product surprised me. It is a loose eyeshadow powder, so I assumed it would not stay on my lid and have way too much glitter. The eyeshadow stayed but I still prefer it with an eye primer (or concealer (pro tip)). The glitter was not overwhelming at all and it would look great topped on a matte shadow.

*4. Zandra

Sadly, I was over $100 and my bank account said no more. This is an AMAZING company run by a 17-year-old girl boss who is from Buffalo and whose company was worth almost $500,000 in 2017. Not only does this girl make that moneyyyy she gives back and has won so many awards. She sells face wash, lotion, chapstick, etc. CHECK IT OUT.


So, I spent all my money but I did it and in the process, I supported three local businesses, bought cruelty-free products, vegan products, and all natural organic products.

What should I try next? Let me know below.



From Fashionable to Fit: Athleisure

From Fashionable to Fit: Athleisure

As a dance teacher, full-time student, and occasional gym-goer, I have to be able to transition from my normal clothes to my workout gear. And suuuure you can just bring an extra pair of clothes, but that is just another handful of things to forget. I like to keep this quick-change as fool-proof as possible.

  1. It all starts with black leggings…


My favorite way to start an outfit is with a pair of black leggings. These Nike pants are one of my favorites. They are cheaper than Lululemon, are high quality, and are the perfect length considering I’m 5′ 2”. Personally, I like to stick to an all neutral color base. This makes it easier to be more creative with the rest of the outfit. Any plain colored workout shirt is fine Danskin is an affordable option. My heels are from Shoe Carnival, but they are old here is a similar pair of Anne Klein shoes.

2. The fun part…


The easiest way to dress out the barebones of the outfit is a sweater, purse, and sunglasses. My bag and glasses are from Tj Maxx, my favorite store of all time! Here is a three piece purse set for only $46! I do not believe in spending a fortune of purses that are going to get dirty and ruined. This belief also goes for sunglass (I can’t count how many I’ve scratched, broken, or lost). For sunglasses I think it’s worth the drive to the store to find out what looks best on you. Here is a great sweater to go with this outfit similar to mine.


Stay tuned for my next post with my next tip in athleisure fashion!



Combing my love of dance, photography, and marketing has been a blast. I have first-hand experience knowing how hard these students work and I translate that to social media. Below are some of my favorite pictures from the past few weeks. Stay tuned for a new dance video coming soon!

…And we can’t forget about the outtakes.


Exploring Philadelphia 

Exploring Philadelphia 

I recently traveled to New Jersey and I loved it! I stayed in Mount Holly, NJ which is only 20 minutes away from Philadelphia! I went to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall to see some important pieces of United States history. It was enjoyable but due to it being President’s Day Weekend it was a tad bit too crowded! We also ate Philly cheesesteaks at Sonny’s and it was delicious! The restaurant had a line out the door but it was worth the wait! Plan your trip to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall today!

My Trip To South Korea At Eighteen

My Trip To South Korea At Eighteen

When I was 18, I traveled by myself to South Korea to visit my then boyfriend, who is in the United States Air Force. I stayed on the Osan Air Force Base in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. This is a joined base between the Korean Military and the United States Military. Therefore, this base consisted of many families and military personnel from both Korea and the United States. This is interesting because the uniforms and the expectations are different in each military. For example, in Korea men must join the military at some point between the ages of 18 to 35 (length of service various by branch). This was my first lesson from traveling being in Korea. Throughout my month long trip, my boyfriend and I traveled all over the amazing (and humid) country!

I flew to Korea on KoreanAir and it was quite the experience! American airline companies offer a lot less amenities then other counties’ airlines. This was a major misconception I had going in to the trip. The 12 hour flight was surprisingly comfortable. I sat next to a women who didn’t speak English, but was very sweet and lent her hand to help me close my tray table. Getting off the plane was a huge relief! I remember being nervous I would not be able to find my way around the Incheon airport. This is because Chinese is the second language of Korea and I mistaking thought the signs would only be in Chinese and Korean. Almost everything was also in English, which made me feel grateful I was raised knowing such a widely used language.

The trip from the airport to the subway station was about an hour long. Traveling on the subway with my large suitcase after a 12 hour flight in the heat and humidity in Korea was not pleasant, but I made it!

Follow me to see my next post about my month long trip to South Korea! To see videos from my trip check out my YouTube channel here!



Five Easy Tips To Be Healthy

Five Easy Tips To Be Healthy
  1. Drink more water!

Drinking more water has been proven to help with weight loss, skin issues, and overall health. The amount of water you should drink depends on age, weight, and activity level. There are several calculators online to help you figure out how much you should be drinking everyday! Use this one here.

While drinking more water sounds easy, it can be difficult for most people. Using flavor drops like these or getting a fun water that will keep your water cold ALL day like this one might help.

2. Measure everything!

Most people think when being healthy or losing weight they can eat/drink whatever they want as long as it is healthy. This is not true! Measure out one serving of the food you will eat. The nutrition label means nothing if you are having five times the amount listed on the label. An easy way to keep track of your food is by using my fitness pal. This can also be downloaded as an app onto your phone for portable tracking.

3. Work Out!

Working out means different things to different people. Some people like to lift weights, do cardio, yoga, or a combination of everything. Find what you like to do and do it! Youtube has great videos for at home workouts or join a gym. Do not be afraid to switch it up so you do not get bored. Go for walks, ride your bike, sign up for fitness classes. Just get active and have fun with it.

4. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!

Schedule everything! Everyone’s life is busy, but to make things easier on yourself schedule in your workouts, your meals and even your water. Workouts are easier to schedule than meals and water. Plan meals around your events. If you are going out to dinner one evening, plan a lighter breakfast before work, a small snack and light lunch during work! Then you don’t have to feel bad for eating out later! For water intake set small goals through out the day. For example,make a goal to drink 20 oz before 10 a.m. and another 20 oz after your lunch. An easy way to track water intake is the thermos smart lid this tech-savy water bottle connects to your iPhone through an app.

5. Track Macros!

Macronutrients are important when trying to be healthy! This one takes a little more explaining so I will make a separate post just about macronutrients. Until then refer to this page. I will try to make it as easy to understand as possible!